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From Traditional to Virtual Classroom: Conversion Made Easy!

Set yourself up for a successful conversion to the virtual classroom by learning how to conduct an in-depth audit of the existing content and materials of a traditional, classroom-based course. This comprehensive online workshop will focus on adapting timing for virtual classroom delivery, selecting methods for meaningful application in the virtual environment, selecting the best tools to maximize learner interaction and engagement, and so much more!


Who Should Attend:

For instructional designers who are expected to convert traditional, instructor-led training programs to virtual classroom courses. Participants should have fundamental knowledge and experience with instructional design principles and at least one year’s experience in designing training specifically for the virtual classroom. This workshop is also aimed at training managers who want to gain a solid understanding of the design considerations that must be taken into account when converting traditional courses to the virtual classroom.

What You Will Learn:

  • How to determine whether a traditional instructor-led training (ILT) program is a good candidate for conversion to the virtual classroom (VC).
  • How to audit the existing ILT course materials for conversion.
  • How to estimate a timing schedule for the virtual classroom course (using recommended best practices for virtual classroom training).
  • When to select different methods for more engaging presentation of content in the virtual classroom.
  • How to select methods and tools to enhance practice and application in the virtual environment.
  • How to determine which tasks cannot be practiced in the virtual classroom.
  • How to convert an ILT lesson plan to a VC lesson plan for both a facilitator and producer.
  • How to convert supplemental ILT course materials for use in your virtual platform.
  • …and so much more!

Note: This workshop is delivered using the Adobe Connect platform, however the content has been designed to apply to a wide variety of virtual classroom platforms.